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Shenzhen HMD Technology Co., Ltd. is founded in 2015, locating at Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province is committed to CNC precision processing, mainly providing medical parts processing, communication parts processing, photoelectric parts processing, automobile parts processing, CNC precision processing, CNC processing, complex parts CNC processing, non-standard parts CNC processing, customer customized CNC processing, etc. With rapid response ability, and quality guarantee system and level of cost control as the core competitiveness, in the provision of specific products and processing services, we through more close to the customer technical service, quality, process and business processing capabilities to provide customers with value-added services, make customers more focus on their main business, so as to improve customer value.

Company has the excellent CNC processing equipment, has 30 sets Swiss type machine, a number of other ancillary processing equipment, at the same time equipped with altitude meter, color difference meter, gloss meter and three dimensional contour precision testing equipment, KEYENCE profile projector,coordinate measuring machine, roughness tester,Gear tester, ect with strict quality control processes, to provide customers with stable and reliable products and services we by the unique management mode and sound quality control process.

In response to the industry challenges and difficulties, at low cost and high quality, rapid response to customer demand solutions, we have our own engineering and quality security team, for customers to provide quality processing services at the same time, you can continue to improve service, help customers in the tough market competition advantage.

With the belief of striving for industry finishing, the company sets up the concept of excellence of all staff, the confidence of dare to think and do, the pursuit of innovation, integration of all kinds of raw materials, die-casting, metal stamping, powder metallurgy, extrusion profiles and various surface treatment, oxidation, electroplating, paint baking, polishing, radium carving and other resources related to the industry. Combined with its own powerful CNC processing, CNC turning milling and other processing capabilities. For the industry products to provide a reliable high-tech service production one-stop service!

Our machines list:

-17 units STAR SB-20R type G

-2 units CITIZEN A20VII

-3 units TSUGAMI B0125 III

-2 units TSUGAMI SS327 III

-2 units CINCOM L12

-4 units CINCOM L20